Pregnancy After Loss

Pregnancy After Los

Have you lost a baby during pregnancy or infancy AND are pregnant now?

Are you having trouble enjoying THIS pregnancy because of your fear and anxiety?

The mixed feelings that accompany a pregnancy after loss can be so difficult and confusing.  You may feel that you should feel grateful and relieved that you have become pregnant again.  You may HAVE felt grateful and relieved in the begining.  But as time passes, you may feel anxiety and fear over what will happen to this baby.  You have already experienced tragedy.  It is very difficult to believe that everything will be OK.

Getting support during this time can be really helpful.  Individual counseling or group support can help you cope during this vulnerable time.

Pregnancy After Loss Support Group
Hoag Hospital
facilitated by Laura Navarro Pickens, LCSW
Meets every 1st and 3rd Tuesday, 7:00-8:00pm
Group is free and open to the community

Topics to include:

    • Dealing with your anxiety while pregnant
    • Connecting with this baby while still grieving your baby who has died
    • Having optimistic moments through pessimism
    • Using visualization to reduce anxiety
    • Dealing with family and friends
    • Trusting your body again
    • Making a plan for support