Perinatal Loss

Perinatal Loss

For Parents Who Have Lost Their Precious Babies...

Are you having trouble dealing with

  • the death of your baby
  • your feelings of heartbreak, guilt, hopelessness, and emptiness
  • the violation of your joyful expectations
  • postpartum depression or anxiety
  • the impact of the loss on your partner and other children
  • the fear of this happening again
  • the fear that you and your partner will never be the same again?

Your life CAN improve with help and support.

There IS hope for you.

You are NOT alone.

It is important to know that other people have lived through the loss of a baby and have survived it.  You can, too.  Sometimes losing a baby can bring up a lot of feelings you may have never felt before.  You may feel confused, betrayed by your body, and feel a total loss of control.  You may feel an emptiness beyond words.  These are normal reactions to the traumatic experience you have lived through.  Counseling can help.

It can also be helpful to talk with other bereaved parents who can relate to your experience and feelings.  I facilitate the Perinatal Loss Group at Hoag Hospital.  Please see below for detals.

Perinatal Loss Support Group
at Hoag Hospital
This group is FREE, and open to the community
every Tuesday at 6:00pm
Please call for more details or to sign up.

Group topics may include:
- Understanding and Navigating the Waves of Intense Feelings
- Explaining Death of a Sibling to Young Children
- Marital Conflict / Learning to Understand Your Partner's Style of Grief
- Dealing With Family and Friends
- Coping with the Holidays and Anniversary Dates
- Pregnancy After a Loss