For Hopeful Parents who are Struggling with Infertility...
Do you feel

    • your body has betrayed you
    • you grieve in silence, but would like someone to really hear you
    • you want to just share your feelings, but others just want to give you advise
    • other people want you to "stop dwelling on it" and "just let it go"
    • you are alone in your loss
    • you will never be the same again
    • your marriage will never be the same again
    • you will never be able to survive the intensity of your heartbreak, losses, and grief

And are you having trouble dealing with

    • the loss of your pregnancy or pregnancies
    • your feelings of heartbreak, guilt, hopelessness, and emptiness
    • the violation of your joyful expectations
    • the impact of your loss on your partner and other children
    • the fear that this will continue to happen
    • the fear that you and your partner will never be the same again
    • the fear that you will become totally depleted - financially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually

Your life CAN improve with help and support.

There IS hope for you.

You are NOT alone.

Counseling can help.

When you discovered that you were dealing with the challenge of infertility, it likely changed your life.  After the shock and disbelief, you began to ask yourself:  Should I try to be hopeful and move forward with treatements?  If so, for how long and for how much?  Should we turn toward alternative family building measures?  Why is it so easy for others?

It is so difficult to live through the pain, confusion and heartbreak of infertility.  These reactions are very normal.  Counseling can help you sort through and deal with these difficult feelings.


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